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Holidayseason is coming!
A well earned time to rest, experience adventures, …
Holidays are compressed time, full of expectations and hopes.
Why are holidays are this glorious? What means holidays to artists? Are holidays a 1st world problem?


Artists: Lynn Bianchi, Hans Michael Bittner, Simone Stoll, Alice Woods, Neil Needleman

curated by Roland Wegerer




The Waiting Pool

Lynn Bianchi (USA) Artist Website
HD video, variable dimensions. 2:57 minutes, color, sound, 2016


“Suspended within myself, drifting in a defined undefined.
All about me stops
I wait for my thoughts, to show themselves, waiting for my thoughts to see me.
For myself to see me
I move within the controlled uncontrolled.
And I float, in the waiting pool, in it’s fluid, within it’s life, amidst the stillness
I wait.”








Dark Summer Nights

Hans Michael Bittner (AT)
.mp4-file, 18:33min, 2012


„Dark Summer Nights“ is a video which tries to tell a crime story without words. All those films dealing with crime and suspense use the spoken to tell their stories, even in times of silent movie they explained the plot by inserts. This one tries to get along without any words. The viewer is free to tell his own story about what could have happened, he or she has to be creative and, depending on one`s character, understand the story in different ways.
Photographs from the Seventies are all showing everyday life at that time or were shot during summer holidays, so they do not deal with crime, although some of the pictures were made before and after the theft of a handbag in Paris in 1975. The video gives them a new meaning which, hopefully, will be understood by the viewers.








The Sacred Space

Simone Stoll (GER) Artist Website
03:28 min , HD, mov, 2017


‘Erase those self-imposed concerns and the resentments, angers, lies…’ are the introductory words to the video reflecting on an increasingly egocentric society.
The video combines two kinds of landscapes, one seems to come from the past –ocean and beach- and the other from the present -brook in a forest-, they are linked by water. We all hold memories deeply inside us, memories of certain periods in our life but also of landscapes. Most of us carry the one landscape inside which is constantly present in our minds, a landscape that stands for home. The images on the beach show a big wheel and a woman strolling along; they seem to be moments from the past. Nowadays the understanding of time follows the rules of productivity rather than life as such. There are only a few places left that have not been destroyed or transformed by man, few places without artificial noise, electrical light spills, few places for a person to listen, to let the mind wander. June Singer sees the ‘sacred space’ as the source to human being.
Sacred Space speaks in a poetic way of reminiscence and the transience of life; life a fleeting moment of memories left behind.









Alice Woods (UK) Artist Website
3D Printed PLA, Resin, Paint, 35 × 20 × 3 cm, 2016


Wall-mounted installation









Neil Needleman (USA) Artist Website
Digital video file; 05:56; 2013; this work is silent…with a sudden burst of sound at the very end


Experimental video (2013), part of my ongoing Postcard series that uses footage shot while on holiday in different locations. This is also part of my ongoing “Cellular Activity” series, a formalist approach that uses quick “cells” of short video shots, looped and modified one frame at a time.