Peoples are laughing with pleasure and like to play jokes.
Naturally – different cultures define different types of funniness.
Why is something funny and how to explain that to others? What is the reason and why do you like it? And after all: Is funniness a must have?

The VOS#4 exhibition presents a selection of seven artworks as a result of an open call.

Artists: Neil Ira Needleman, Helene Berg, Sandra Araújo, H. C. Turk, Maximilien Ramoul, Piróg & Mieleszko, Peter Whittenberger

curated by Roland Wegerer





Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One

Neil Ira Needleman (USA)    Artist Website
TRT: 02:04min , video (English titles), 2015
I’m a compulsive joke teller, and I tell so many jokes to so many people I forget which joke I’ve told to whom. So I decided to do a “mash up” of virtually every joke I know. This is the result. Enjoy.








Possible and hardly possible moves

Helene Berg (SWE)    Artist Website
GIF animation
Production of a series of animations based on interpretations of a Kung Fu sequence… Figure H








Rio-me porque és da aldeia e vieste de burro ao baile

Sandra Araújo (PT)   Artist Website 
.mov / 02:53min  / 2014
Popular sonorities and imagery combined with computer-based aesthetics. Visual elements feature iconic images, 8-bit, pixel and glitch, whereas sound is the result of sampling and mixing of fado.







Outer Spacious

H. C. Turk (USA)   Artist Website 
MP3, song, 4 min 53 sec
A cowboy card game with aliens! At stake is life, death, and the space-time continuum! Will the protagonist be hanged for his unearthly crimes, or will his mom kick the aliens’ butts??








Wrong, Love and Apple Pie

Maximilien Ramoul (FRA) 
9:55min , 2011, 4:3
I repeat several elementary sentences with approximate English. the situation becomes tragicomic. We discover a person with his failures and his beauty in this confessional video








Brain Transplant

Piróg & Mieleszko (POL)   Artist Website 
.gif, 1”, 2017
This artwork is so lame and it’s full of banality. It came out spontaneously and continues till today. It leads your thought through simpicity and scheme which contemporary communication is based on. It’s reduced to few blinks on the screen. The artwork was made due to sharing opinions, to comment reality in a way condensed to several sad pixels. When the word cannot fully express the idea, the image, convulsive motion and the freeplay with the imagination lends a hand.








Simple #13 (I am a Dinosaur)

Peter Whittenberger (USA)  Artist Website 
animation, 1:37, 2013
Simple # 13 (I am a Dinosaur) attempts to provide an alternative view on the importance of the human species. I’m asking the viewers to reconsider their perspective as individuals and contemplate their role as a component that makes up a whole. Humans are dominant now, but we weren’t always and definitely won’t be forever. I am not arguing that human beings are irrelevant, but I believe we have lost track of how we exist in relationship to time, the rest of the universe and each other.