The first group exhibition of VOS brings a diverse art digital show. As a result of an open call this is representing the Theme “VIRUS” in different ways like digital, medical, biological or mental meanings.

Artists: Antonia & Burkhard Zimmermann, Albano Ruela, Paolo Pastorino, Uwe Heine Debrodt, The Nancy Brücke, Athena Gronti and  Megan-Leigh Heilig


Antonia & Burkhard Zimmermann (AT) Link Link
Video; 02:29 min.; 2016

‚virus‘ differs in context and finally infects data

 photo mask.jpg

Virus Mask
Albano Ruela (PT) Link
digital art, 774 x 604, 2009

Does wearing a mask really prevent you?


Paolo Pastorino (IT) Link
Acousmatic – audio/video composition (Year 2016)

Audio elements from different environments, totally unrelated to each other, coexist, are intertwined and interact together, thus giving rise to a form able to move in an imaginary space.


V I R T U A L * V I R U S
Uwe Heine Debrodt (MX) Link
Gif – 5sec – 462 pixeles – 5.01megas – 11-11-2016

Being exposed for so long in technology produces a virtual virus in our mind.


Popular Error
The Nancy Brücke (group of Laszlo Csernatony Lukacs and Viktoria Traub) (HU) Link Link
Video, mov, 2′ 31”, 1280×720 px, 2012

The Nancy Brücke (group of Laszlo Csernatony Lukacs and Viktoria Traub) is an Experimental Space Music Group that reflects the feelings of urban life with visual and acoustic effects.


gotta kill 2 survive
Athena Gronti (NL) Link

Photo, February 2016


With or Without Toppings (Bird EXE)
Megan-Leigh Heilig (ZA) Link
MP4, 6:58min, 1.68GB, 2016

Birds PUP or Virus?
how do you get rid of it?
Boot into safe mode, delete the folder located at: C:/Users/Name/Appdata/Birds
Go to software delete the birds entry. Go to run, delete birds entry