VOS #3 – What Doesn’t Let Us Rest

VOS #3 – What Doesn’t Let Us Rest


An online Exhibition

Time is becomming the most important property. Life is getting quicker and there is a need of new strategies to manage these challanges. We are running, searching and working for a better life, a greater future, more personal effects, self-confidence and/or recognition.
But there is also hidden side of this behaviour: sickness, failure, loneliness, fear,…
How can these aspects be handled? Or shouldn’t they be handled?

And: What doesn’t let us rest?

Dénes Ruzsa & Fruzsina Spitzer, Lita Poliakova, Olga Guse, Fouad Boutahar, ITI, Andrea Riba, Ivan Negroni, Bob Bicknell-Knight

curated by Roland Wegerer





Job Interview

Dénes Ruzsa & Fruzsina Spitzer (HU)    Artist Website
mp4, 3’35”, 1920×1080, 2014, animation

In this rushing world personality disappeared. In the near future robots will ask the 50 common job interview questions. How do the robots detect humans applying for the job advertisement?







Date of Consumption

Lita Poliakova   Artist Website
Mixed media, captures from CCTV camera, 2012-2015

The project represent a self-portrait. It is based on documentary materials complemented with common ideas of relationships. It combines private and public, real and desired.


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Babylon what then?

Olga Guse (GER/RUS)   Artist Website
.mov H.264 HD Video, Aspect ratio of 16:9, 1.78:1, Release date – 01.01.2017, Running time: 4:00, Ton: stereo

From the beginning of civilization, Babylon – symbol of humanity’s ability and symbol for human pride at the same time – the conflict with God. Millennia have passed, and Babylon spread influence throughout the Earth – great cities, globalization, consumerism and environmental degradation, wars … What awaits the Earth’s next? Will Babylon last?







A Saxon in Morocco & the others

Fouad Boutahar (MA/DE)

Short doku-fiction_15min_language:French, Arabic, English and German_subtitles: English_Direction, DOP, cut, sound, subtitles..by Fouad Biutahar







Meaning of Life

ITI (ROM)   Artist Website
Animated drawing (.gif), 2017

We wake up everyday to live the same life, we eat, work, sleep and repeat, remaining trapped in a meaningless loop that few manage to break.







Digital Mirror

Andrea Riba (MEX)   Artist Website

21st century computer programed virtual realities seem to be founded on a premise in which a one-dimensional world is constructed around imaginary elements, this world is not as far as we think.







A dream I had.

Ivan Negroni (PRI)   Artist Website
Duration: 30 seconds, 2011

A nightmare of a lecture given to me by Mr. Hawking.







Colleen and Joshua

Bob Bicknell-Knight (UK)   Artist Website
.mov file, 6:23mins, 187.422MB, 2016