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Taste and Smell are two sensory impressions, which are represented in art in a low level.
What is good or bad taste? How do we realize smell?
What about taste in cooking, art, choosing opportunities,
… and the smell of danger, joy, flowers, the sea,…?
There is also the question about HOW to bring this kinds of unvisual experiences to digital medias?

VOS #7 presents digital artworks dealing with this ideas.





Mauricio SanhuezaVera SebertAnna SnowballMikio SaitoJosé SimõesGabrielle Lenhard and Risa Okita

curated by Roland Wegerer







Do You Smell That?
Mauricio Sanhueza (PE) Artist Website

Video, H264 mp4, 02:15, 2014

This work represent in a sarcastically way, the mechanisms of power and the double discourse of a country that is promoted as a tourist destination and finally is better known for drug trafficking.









Vera Sebert (AT) Artist Website

interactive website – 2017

The Potatorium is an interactive web-project for research on contemporary potatoes in digital space.











Anna Snowball (ENG) Artist Website

Mov file, 2014

“On a windy day, and you breathe, you can certainly taste the land around”
Four people with visual impairments demonstrate how they experience their favourite places.









Dirty Electric Fan
Mikio Saito (JP) Artist Website

Video, 5minutes 16seconds, sound, 2016

Mikio Saito created a fictional story about Taiwanese local food “Lu Wei(boiled pork and vegetable dishes)” and the electric fan to cool it down.









How To Eat A Queque
José Simões (PT) Artist Website

MOV/MP4 ProRess422 1920×1080, 03’19”, 2017

HOW TO EAT is a series of short visual scheme videos that show the different portuguese ways of eating several traditional pastry. A subtle humor, a lovely portrait of cultural and personal quirks.









The 100 Blows
Gabrielle Lenhard (USA) Artist Website

Digital .H264 file. Original footage shot in Sony AVCHD. Completed Spring 2016.

The 100 Blows is a tutorial on how to give amazing blow jobs. A tool to help every woman as she comes into the age of unrealistic male expectations.









A Raw Egg
Risa Okita (JP)

Digital .H264 file. Original footage shot in Sony AVCHD. Completed Spring 2016.

Why do we want to eat food? We get various information about taste and the smell of food from our experience.